Less equals more

Less stuff, less work, less expense equals more money, more time, more joy

We Provide Support for Professional Services

BFL has a team of well-trained and experienced Beauticians. Fashion designers, Geologists, Engineers, Surveyors, and Technicians that have made their mark in the various fields that we offer as services.

We are in business to meet our clients needs, we understand what it means to deal with basic needs of life. For this reason at Blossom and Florish we take the pains off your neck and move you to the next level as you make the best out of life.

Our goal is to bring out the best in you or your business adding colors to your life…

Our Vision:

To create value and provide excellent services with reliable and efficient client satisfaction professionally

Mission Statement:

To provide each client with the utmost level of professionalism, care, diligence and skill, and deliver complete and guaranteed excellent services.

Core Values:

  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Teamwork

Oil and Gas

fuel oil and gasoline (petrol)

Property Development

renovation, re-lease & purchase

Rentals and Sales

for all range of utilities

Boutique and Lifestyle

Be your own kind of beautiful

We coordinate and manage the process of interiorĀ aesthetics for buildings and structures

Oil and Gas

with specific focus on Integrated Studies, Geological Laboratory and Allied Service

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