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  • Boutique and Lifestyle 80% 80%
  • Real Estate and Property 85% 85%
  • Interior Decoration 79% 79%
  • Energy 90% 90%

About Us

BLOSSOM & FLORSIH LIMITED (“BFL”) was incorporated in December 2008 as a Private Limited Liability Indigenous Company to provide Professional Services in the fields of real estate, property development, rental and sales, Oil and Gas (with specific focus on Integrated Studies, Geological Laboratory and Allied Services to mention but few) and Boutique and Interior Decoration Services to her clients and customers. BFL is in business to meet their clients’ and customers’ needs, BFL take the pains off your neck and move you to the next level as you make the best out of life. Our goal is to bring out the best in you or your business adding colors to your life
BFL has a team of well-trained and experienced Beauticians. Fashion designers, Geologists, Engineers, Surveyors, and Technicians that have made their mark in the various fields that we offer as services.
In the course of executing our service we have established a workable organisational structure in place with the basic concepts and having the instrument of Management By Objectives (MBO) for efficiency and growth within the line of staff managerial levels.
BFL in realisation of the basic need to develop and provide specialisation based on skill and proficiency also has strong relationship with professionals within the real estate, property, oil and gas industry and which are an integral part of our team.

BLOSSOMFLORISH LLC is our USA based organisation that is solely responsible and in charge of all consulting and advisory services

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